Nidoking (ニドキング) #034
  • Species: Drill Pokémon
  • Type: poison / ground
  • Weaknesses: ground x 2 / Water x 2 / psychic x 2 / ice x 2
  • Immunity: electric x 0
  • Abilities: Poison Point, Rivalry or Sheer Force (HA)
  • Gender Ratio: 100 ♂
  • Catch Rate: 45 (5.9%)
  • Egg Groups: Monster and Field
  • Hatch Time: 5355 - 5609 steps
  • EV Yield: 3 (3 Atk)

Name Origin

Nidoking may be a combination of needle and king (reflective of its gender and being the final evolution). Nido may also be based on cnidocyte, a type of venomous cell responsible for the stings delivered by stinging animals, most notably by jellyfish. Alternatively, it may be based on 二 ni (two) or 二度 nido (two times/two degrees), referring to there being two distinct evolutionary lines using the name with similar names and traits.

Evolution Method

Level 16


Nidoking shares traits of rhinoceroses, gorillas, rabbits and porcupines.

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